Travel Award Instructions

Conference Travel Award

Education Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS)

13th Annual Conference, McGill University


DEADLINE:March 3rd, 2014 (before midnight) The recipients of this award will be notified by email by March 10th.

PURPOSE: In honor of the 11th annual Education Graduate Students’ Society Conference and for the first time this year, the EGSS is pleased to announce one $250 travel award will be offered to help subsidize the cost of travel and attendance at this year’s conference for two students traveling to Montreal for this event. The recipients of this award will be announced at the wine and cheese reception held on Saturday, March 22, 2014

ELIGIBILITY: Students presenting at the EGSS conference and traveling from outside of the Montreal area for this event are eligible for these awards. All applicants must complete the award application requirements described below.

EVALUATION: Award applications will be evaluated through a blind review process by a panel of McGill EGSS committee members. These evaluations will be based on a letter of motivation written by the applicant describing the following:

  • Where you are traveling from to attend this conference
  • The importance and/or value of attending this year’s EGGS conference to your graduate program and your specific field of study

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Please submit one Word document in an email attachment to that includes (a) a title page with your name, affiliation (school), and contact information and (b) a one-page (maximum) letter of motivation.

IMPORTANT: Please do not include any personal information (name, affiliation, or contact information), other than where you’re traveling from, in your letter of motivation for the blind review process. Also, please note that applications that do not follow the instruction face possible rejection during the initial screening.

DEADLINE:March 3rd, 2014 (before midnight) The recipients of this award will be notified by email by March 10th.


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