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The relationship between theory and practice is a primary concern within the field of Education.  Researchers are often criticized for being too far removed from authentic, everyday classroom experiences.  In contrast, teachers may have little time to incorporate theory into their practice. Nevertheless, theory and practice reciprocally influence each other on multiple levels forming a symbiotic relationship that is in need of exploration. Dr. Vanderlinde suggests, “educational research has a twofold goal: the production of knowledge and the improvement of the educational practice” (Vanderlinde et al, 2010).  The EGSS 2014 conference is a venue for all educational researchers and practitioners to share their ideas and contribute their understanding of the complexities of this relationship

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Welcome to The Blog for the EGSS Conference 2014! We are excited to get the word out about the conference this year.  Here you can find all sorts of updates how submitting, keynote speakers, conference themes, etc…

Good Luck to all applicants!

EGSS Conference Committee

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